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Hôtel restaurant La Solognote


Starter + dish   22,00€

Dish + dessert  22,00€

Starter + dish + cheese or dessert    29,00€

Starter + dish + cheese + dessert     33,00€



Terrine of duck foie gras, candied onions + 3 €

Jelly beef paleron, lentils

Minestrone with late summer vegetables

Scallop cassolette on zucchini, Nantua sauce


Fillet of turbot, mango pineapple chutney, sweet potato puree + 2 €

Duck tagine and its bulgur

Beef tab with shallot, pan-fried country

Pig's rib with basil arugula pesto, mashed potatoes


(For a change of upholstery, you will be asked a supplement + 2 €)


cheese board



Roasted honey fig on vanilla panna cotta

Chocolate and cream at Bailey's

Tarte tatin and yogurt ice cream

Gourmet coffee or tea for gourmands


Net prices, taxes and services included


* All our preparations may contain traces of soy, nuts, gluten and others, in case of allergies, notify the staff.